I’ve been told, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, which I never really understood. Because if life gave you lemons and gave you nothing other than lemons, you’re not making lemonade from that, you’re making lemon juice. You gotta have sugar to go with it. 

Well, ladies, gentlemen and the non-binary, in these times of nonstop lemons, we’re here to be your sugar. 

You take that however you want. 

In addition to all those sugary delights you’re imagining, consider that we’re now offering $500 off your design project of $1500 or more, effective immediately. (Discount available through April 30, 2020.) 

We all might be social distancing, but there’s a lot that can be done if you’d like your home built this year, this summer in fact. Prime home building season is about to leapfrog right over the coronavirus and land in our laps. Don’t wait until then to start your design, which can take 6-10 weeks.

House design timeline
Chart shows current custom house design estimated timeline. Timeline varies throughout the year.

Here at Home Designing Service, Ltd, we have over 2000 stock plans online for you to browse, and our hotshot designers are able to conduct anything from an email conversation to a video conference with you to make adjustments or to draw up a fully custom house plan. Be ready to knock the socks off your friends and family at those dinner parties you’re totally going to have when mankind isn’t under the threat of a global pandemic anymore. 

Mortgage and loan rates are crazy right now. And basically everyone’s running deals to try to help themselves (and YOU!) weather this economic storm, so now is the perfect time. All the decision makers are at home and you’re all really really tired of playing Monopoly. 

Instead of yelling at each other over who owns Park Place, yell at each other over whether you want an open floor plan or an outdoor kitchen. Maybe a treasure trove that can only be accessed from a hidden door in the master bedroom, where you stash all your toilet paper. We hear they’re going to be all the rage this year. 

So make yourself a cup of coffee and give us a call. We’re always drinking coffee, so we can say we met over coffee and discussed your new home. It’ll be a hoot.